My cause

Who I am

I founded the nonprofit Aisha with an Eye 501c3 to be eligible for donations "to rebuild our planet and achieve world peace." I am also the Secretary, Treasurer, and Board Member.

It's first (and, currently, only project) is The Guardian Project, launched in January 2017 to create "Guardians," individuals who focus on saving one non-human species in one area and transparently share their process, resources, and learnings to do so collectively, in one place, starting here.

The first Guardian to create the process and lead the way is me, Aisha, and my project is to save the burrowing owls in Shoreline Park, Mountain View, California.

My goal

is to increase and support the population of burrowing owls at Burrowing Owl Billows (a ~4000 square foot area within Shoreline Park).

My strategy

is to increase the populations of the burrowing owls' diet by fundraising for and recruiting volunteers to plant California native plants near the owls' habitat that better support and attract the bugs and rodents the owls consume. Invasive non-natives can outcompete natives so we must also weed and maintain the area.

Group shot from The Fourth Planting, November 2018

I collaborate with the biologist, Phil Higgins, who works for the city of Mountain View conducting various projects to save the owls. Burrowing Owl Billows is on the city's property, within Shoreline Park, and is a protected migratory bird habitat.

Group shot from The Fifth Planting, December 2019

What is a "burrowing owl" you ask? Why... let me explain...

Let's get into the WEEDS of what my project does, why, and how it fits in with the City of Mountain View's initiative to save the burrowing owl:

How you can help

Why help my nonprofit over others

So we have more of these!

Their populations are dwindling because of our (human) impact!

In the 1980s, we had 500 adult burrowing owls at 250 locations in Santa Clara County.

Last year, 2020, we only had 33 adult burrowing owls at 4 locations.

But Shoreline Park, which includes Burrowing Owl Billows, had a record high of 35 chicks that summer (2020), the most out of any of Santa Clara County's burrowing owl habitats.

This project has fundraised $13,018.85 and has added 748 native plants and 4 lbs of native seeds (as of 2/2021) to Burrowing Owl Billows since The First Planting in February 2017, when there were 0 owls.

Otherwise, you'd choose mine because I run my nonprofit efficiently and transparently, so you know how much of your donation is helping the owls and how.

I use this tracker to produce The Guardian Project

I reveal all this information to you completely transparently. I do not know of any other nonprofits who will tell you exactly how they spend your donations--not specifically like this. Large established nonprofits will give some of their staff a $300,000+ a year salary using your donations while others are poorly managed so your donation gets spent on "paperwork" or "fees" that could otherwise be avoided if they were better organized or using the latest technology or, frankly, smaller, and more ethical, but we all have a role to play here. I may make some mistakes and I may try experiments that fail, but you will always see what I do and how I learn to improve my project. Because I'm an individual, you can better trust that my motivation is pure--to rebuild our planet and achieve world peace--and my focus is narrow--to save the burrowing owl.

Not only will you see where your donation gets spent, but how much more successful my project is as a result. You are welcome to comment anywhere on the spreadsheet if you have questions or suggestions, especially because it will also serve as the template to onboard new Guardians with their new projects.

Become a Guardian

( coming soon )

I have ~10 years of project management experience that you can't learn in school. Not only is it often not taught, but also, when it is, students are either taught older principals born from construction project management (like "waterfall") or taught fragments of project management (like how to create a spreadsheet) that doesn't provide an end-to-end perspective of all aspects that go into managing a project from ideation to successful completion. My experience also comes from managing creative projects, mostly in tech, which means my style of project management isn't just efficient, detailed, and comprehensive (as ALL styles of project management SHOULD be), but also flexible, responsive, and evolving, allowing for a balance of stability and experimentation to produce a better process (and team) for the unique challenges of each project.

My project at Burrowing Owl Billows has reached a level of success where I'm ready to turn my process into videos where I teach you how I created and managed this project from the beginning until now, using only Google Apps, which are FREE. Google Apps are one of the most common tools used by tech companies, including Facebook, so the skills you learn from saving a species also transfer to whatever other projects you'll manage, both personally and professionally.

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If you're interested in becoming The Next Guardian 🀩, who will be my sidekick on the potential NASA expansion of my effort to save the burrowing owls, email me at

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