Donation Gifts

This is NOT a gift shop, but you will see "donation gifts" below that you will get if you donate to help save the burrowing owl, dependent on how generous you are, if you'd like, of your choice, to continue spreading the word about the plight of the burrowing owl.

The best donation is the one given for nothing in return.

If you'd like a gift, when you make your donation, specify in the comments which gift you'd like and your address so that you may receive your gift. You get 1 gift per donation, unless you're requesting stickers.

Do NOT sell your gift.

Unique and limited edition gifts go to the first to request the gift who made at least the minimum donation. If the chosen gift is no longer available, as it may have just been gifted to someone else, you'll be offered a custom rock.

Custom rocks otherwise require a minimum donation of $500

And NOW, here are the gifts!

A Sticker!

These stickers are the only gift offered that's not limited edition or unique. Unlike the other gifts, you can also request more than 1 per donation, or along with another gift request, as long as you donate at least $5 per sticker.

A Temporary Tattoo and puzzle comic!

This is a limited-edition temporary tattoo sheet and puzzle comic in one! The tattoos look classy like henna when worn and the comic you put back together after as your own unique puzzle creation!

See more info here.

More Stickers!

These are the first stickers I designed, but I didn't hand them out because folks didn't recognize that it's a burrowing owl. It is! This is anatomically correct as I referenced (a photo of) a real burrowing owl! I'm just accentuating its less appraised attributes: grace, coolness, and dexterity. I also wouldn't want these stickers to go to someone who didn't see the owl in them, or care to learn how to.

This is a clear sticker! It looks great on this silver laptop, but it might not show up at all on a dark surface. It might look extra in all the right ones on a light surface or other clear material.

These are limited edition.

There is an owl artist on the other side of the world who was called @eri_artist. She kept tagging my @savetheburrowingowl account on Instagram when she'd post these psychedlic owls she paints. She emailed me offering her art of burrowing owls to help the burrowing owls, so I put her handle with my pick of her art on a sticker. I sent her 10 stickers to gift out and they never made it through customs.

She changed her handle to @varvaramedvedeva_art!

so the handle printed on the sticker doesn't go anywhere anymore.

These are limited edition.

A badge!

These detailed, iron-on badges are glow-in-the-dark and UV-reactive! Hooo HooooOOOoOOo!

A Tattoo!

Any burrowing owl design of mine you see, you're welcome to needle into your body forever, like this owl-lover did here!

A Painted Rock!

The rocks you see before you are each one-of-a-kind, hand-painted with acrylic, and sealed, most with a high-gloss finish.

On the back, they have the link to a page I'm always updating on this website that gives instructions on how to paint rocks to look like burrowing owls like this.

There is also a hashtag that will show you all the painted burrowing owl rocks on Facebook/Instagram.

Many have room for you to write your own message with Sharpie as well if you'd like to give your rock as a gift to a loved one.

Artist : Aisha

"I'm Watching You"

Minimum donation to receive this gift: $100

"Cute yet Fierce"

Minimum donation to receive this gift: $30

"Golden Eyes"

Minimum donation to receive this gift: $30

"Don't You Want Me?"

Minimum donation to receive this gift: $30

Artist : Anonymous


Minimum donation to receive this gift: $30


Minimum donation to receive this gift: $30

Artist : Aileen

"I am the night... or day."

Minimum donation to receive this gift: $30


Minimum donation to receive this gift: $40

"Cartoonified 2"

Minimum donation to receive this gift: $30

Here are some of the painted rocks that have already been gifted!

Just Gifted

"Dewy but Daunting"

by Aisha

"Exquisite Eyeliner"

by Aisha

"Beauty Queen"

by Mom

"Grumpy Lady"

by Mom

"Too Caffeinated"

by Aisha

Previously Gifted

See #burrowingowlsrock (on Instagram/Facebook) for more!

More Info on The Burrowing Owl Temporary Tattoos and Puzzle Comics

If you donate at least $15 to Aisha with an Eye, you'll be gifted a limited-edition burrowing owl temporary tattoo and puzzle comic. The comic page shows the pair of owls at Burrowing Owl Billows at the beginning of the summer of 2018.

As you cut out pieces of the tattoo to apply the designs, after you've applied all the designs, you now have a puzzle that you created to piece back together the comic for you to keep as a collectible.

  1. Cut out the part of the tattoo you'd like to wear and remove its plastic.

  2. Press the paper face-down on clean skin and soak its back with water using a wet towel or t-shirt.

  3. Remove paper after it's thoroughly soaked. Keep it to put it back together again with the rest of your pieces to keep your comic. The next gift will be the next page of the comic, unfolding the story of how the owls are doing. Remember: these are limited edition❗️

Your tattoo will last 1-7 days depending on how oily/dry your skin is, where you've put it, and whether clothes rubs against it. To remove at will use coconut oil.

Here's the manufacturer of my tattoos. FDA Approved safe-for-skin ingredients, made in the USA. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Gift experiments


I tried to make a shirt, but this design didn't inspire me to want to put any of your donations towards it.

Instead, I want to design a button-down like the ones Ace Ventura wears but with the California natives that have been the most successful at Burrowing Owl Billows and little burrowing owls popping out in-between them.

More stickers!

This is the second page of The Story of Burrowing Owls Billows and it was to go on the back of a full sheet of stickers. It might still, but I have a lot of stickers in my inventory right now...

But these owls will be positioned so you can choose to have them either sticking out from behind something or in the shape of a heart when you pair them together! So cute! And I'm using watercolor to paint them. ❀

Biodegradable Seed "Bombs"

I purchased a couple pounds of mixed California native seeds to see if I could give them as gifts to give you a more direct way to save the planet. I did try planting them as an experiment: 1 tied up in the newsprint as is, one in the newsprint but open, the third I emptied out of the newsprint entirely. Flowers did grow out of the latter just fine, but only a couple did out of the newsprint. Thus, I did another experiment where I put the dirt + seeds in rice paper (that I drew on with Sharpie... is that toxic?). The rice paper dissolves and then the seeds grow fine.

However... Are these seeds better scattered at one location that's being managed (Burrowing Owl Billows) or given as gifts by someone who may not want the hassle of finding a successful time and place to chuck their seed bomb? We know for sure that butterflies and birds prefer to feed in clusters (this expends less energy for them) and they revisit the same food destinations every year, so it is better to seed near or in an existing habitat.

So here is the experience of scattering the seeds that your donations buy.

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