Extra Curricular Activities

As well as the various sports teams in the school there are a wide range of extra curricular activities available to students in the school. These include:

• Table Quizzes • Chess • Public Speaking • Educational Outings

• School Musical • European Tours


The school operates a book rental scheme. Parents/Guardians pay an annual fee for books and students are issued with the required books. At the end of the academic year books are returned and in the new academic year books are re-issued.


A range of lunchtime activities are available for students, organised indoor sports, chess, quizzes and music. 1st and 2nd Year students remain on the school premises at lunchtime, 3rd, 5th and 6th year students are allowed to leave the grounds at lunchtime with written permission of Parents/Guardians. Rolls, sandwiches, tea and coffee are available in the school shop at lunchtime.


In recent years European Tours have taken place to the following destinations:

• Paris • Rhineland (Germany) • Amsterdam • London • Madrid