Supply Pod

How To Make A Supply Pod

Supply Pods

Containers stocked with emergency supplies. The recommended types of supply pods are made from a five gallon bucket with lid. This allows donor ants to calculate how many pods they can fit into their vehicle. They also protect the contents from rain and can be used for other things on site. Most grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants will give you their used buckets for free. You can buy new ones at Lowes for less than five dollars.

Watch these videos to learn more about supply pods.

How to make a supply pod

How to transport supply pods

How to meet at transfer points

There are ten basic types of supply pods:

A water pod, which contains water bottles or pouches.

A food pod, which contains food.

A shelter pod, which can contain a tent or tools for making a temporary shelter.

A bedding pod, which contains a sleeping bag, sheets or covers.

A hygiene pod, which contains hygiene products,wash clothes, towels, etc.

A clothing pod, which contains requested clothing.

A cooking pod - which contains cooking and fire kits.

A Medical Pod - which contains medical supplies.

A baby Pod - which contains baby supplies, formula, baby food, diapers, blankets, etc.

A Sanitation Pod - which contains toilet, trash and cleaning supplies.

Which pods, how many are sent and what they will ultimately contain depends on the type of disaster and what items are needed by the distressed ants.