AntComm is your source for local disaster information. On our map you will find comm ants who have volunteered to provide information during disasters.

Comm ants may choose to communicate using Ham Radio, Multi-Use-Radio-Servive, Citizen Band Radio, Zello, Twitter, Facebook, or any combination of them.

If you would like to become a comm ant, go to the A.N.T.S map and place a "radio tower icon" in the city or town that you will be operating from. The antcomm "radio tower icon" should not be used to replace your member icon. If you decide to become a comm ant, you will have two icons on the map, your member icon and your antcomm "radio tower icon".

To find out which communication methods are being used by a comm ant, go to the A.N.T.S map and click onto the comm ant icon of your choice.

Comm ant "radio tower" icons are brown or gray and change every six months in order to identify inactive ants. They are gray from December 15th to June 15th, and brown from June 15th to December 15th. Icons that are not changed to the proper color will be removed from the map and considered inactive.