Supply List

Supply List

A Supply list is made by a distressed ant and given to the camp or trail ant. It Is used to make a supply pod request.

Supply List

Distressed ants username goes here. ___________________________

Water Pods

Water - Due to the amount of water needed, camp ants should always try to help distressed ants obtain water locally first. If no water is available we will make as many relays as needed to provide enough water.

Food Pods

List food pod items here:

Shelter Pod

List shelter pod items here:

Bedding Pod

List bedding items here:

Hygiene Pod

List hygiene items here:

Clothing Pod

List clothing items here:

Cooking Pod

List Cooking items here

Medical Pod

List medical items here

Baby Pod

List baby items here

Sanitation Pod

List sanitation items here:

Misc. Pod

List miscellaneous items here: