About A.N.T.S


You can have all the stored supplies in the world, but what will you do if a disaster wipes out your home and supplies? If you are a member of A.N.T.S, you request supplies and have them sent to your location.



To provide members with basic supplies during disasters.



To have at least one member in every city and town.


Who's in command?

You are. Each member is autonomous and makes independent decisions based on the situation at the time, with the ultimate goal of survival for themselves and other members.


How do we do it?

We do it by using level-one guidelines for disasters where people still have communication capabilities outside of a disaster area and level-two guidelines for a widespread disaster in which all communications have been lost. During level-one disasters, we use our location map and transport supplies in a relay fashion to any member that needs them. During level two disasters, we use drop-points to leave messages for one another until communications can be restored. ​