Therapeutic Coursework

2 Hr Intensive | Complete Restoration | $289

Are you ready to dig in and identify the source of your stagnation? If we are not feeling free to live as we see beneficial to us, we are not sure where the "stuck" is coming from, this course is for you. We will walk through each stage of your holistic development, reveal and show you how to fill in the gaps, leaving you feeling whole with healthy boundaries and equipped to continue your development. Clients leave this powerful course with a much clearly understanding of how they arrived in their current situation and how to navigate their way to a better place. This course includes a thirty minute energy therapy session to allow all of the new information to settle in your soul.

9 Week | Re-Creation for the Soul | $1245

Are you ready to face it all, clear it all, and move forward? Do you need assistance with the navigation through past traumas and move onward towards emotional stability? Are you ready to make yourself a top priority for nine weeks? Then this course is for you.  You will find what is missing in your holistic development and fill in the gaps with simple exercises and meditations. The first week is an overview of the program with an evaluation of your baseline. The next seven weeks we will take a deep dive into each holistic stage of development, uncovering all of the lost teddy bears and returning them to you. The ninth week we will celebrate your internal mountain climbing accomplishment and prepare to unleash the new you. We will also conduct a post course evaluation to see how far you have come in nine short weeks.

Each week includes at a minimum, a thirty minute energy therapy session. 

Book 9 - 90 minute weekly sessions

Recreational Reiki | $149

Absolute beginners course in Energy Therapy. This course is for self-care, and to care for anything within arms reach, loved ones, friends, plants, car batteries (it has happened!), animals, etc.. This course is for personal enjoyment, not to work as an Energy Therapist. Join with a friend!