About Certification Courses

Become a student of the light and learn the basics of the anatomy of the human energy field. 

Colleen trained as a Holy Fire III® Karuna Reiki® Master, and after teaching over a hundred students, developed an Energy Therapy Certification program that includes Holy Fire® Reiki, the anatomy of the energy field, centers, channels, and the emotional association of particular body areas. You will receive the traditional Holy Fire® Reiki, all the vital knowledge included in a Reiki certification class, PLUS you will learn the anatomy of the energy field, how to read it, and how to walk your clients through a new perspective to assist their journey while they learn from their issues. This aspect is typically left out of most Reiki classes and is the reason these classes are referred to as Reiki based Energy Therapy rather than Reiki. 

Currently, Colleen is working on her Ph.D.  in the School of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences in the Mind-Body Medicine program, specializing in Integrative Wellness Coaching at Saybrook University. This program will undoubtedly inspire further refining of her courses and will likely bring about new topics to explore. 

You may choose from several certification options. You may take one class or decide to embark on the full certification program, or something inbetween.  Recreational Holy Fire Reiki is the class for you if you would like to take a peek at energy therapy and use it on your household, friends, family, pets, and plants. If you would like to take a more substantial step, see clients in a more formal setting, and deepen your self-work, the Energy Therapist Levels 1&2 Certification Course is most appropriate. If you are called to take your Energy Therapy practice to the highest level, teach others, and actively work towards shifting the planet's consciousness, the 18-month program is the best choice. You may take the Energy Therapist course without committing to the complete program, even though you will apply to them both when you apply for the Energy Therapist program. You may contact Colleen directly by phone or email to ask your questions.

This course was created for people who want Reiki for personal use but are not seeking the full program. Not that the energy is to be taken lightly, but we still honor the sacred energy flow; it is designed for casual use rather than offering your services to paying clients. This course provides an option to learn Reiki or Energy Therapy as most Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Masters, myself included, do not separate Levels 1 & 2 in their training and certification programs. 

This 3-hour beginner's, or refresher, course) in Energy Therapy is for self-care and caring for anything within arms reach, for example, grandchildren, children, loved ones, friends, plants, car batteries (it has happened!), animals, etc. In the class, we will go on several meditation journeys, learn the essentials of energy therapy, and touch on more advanced topics. This event is deeply relaxing, fun, and very enlightening. So many times, it is also profoundly restorative. 

Although you will receive Level I Holy Fire Reiki in this course, the course is intended for personal enjoyment, not to work as an Energy Therapist. However, you may apply what you learn in this course to your Energy Therapist Training. If you continue your training, you will receive a $150 discount on your tuition for the Energy Therapist Certification Course.

You will learn about energy, energetic boundaries, and the body's energy flow. You will have the opportunity for some deep healing and restoration. Meditations in this course can be profound experiences. (The joke among my students is that we don't need any mushrooms here!) I love to answer questions about classes, so please call me with any questions.

Tuition: $149. Join with a friend and save $20 each on tuition. Include your and your partner's names (in parentheses) in the payment portal. You don't need to apply for this class. Registration is all you need to do to join. 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Energy Therapist Level I&II | $610/$538(Early Bird)

Levels 1&2 are taught together in a two-day class. The last day to register with the early bird rate is two weeks prior to class.

This hybrid virtual/in-person course will teach you everything you need to know to open your holistic energy therapy practice. These courses offer an apprenticeship type of learning. You will always have access to Master Level instructors after taking courses with Mind-Body HHG. You will earn your certification in Reiki Levels I&II, learn to read energy fields, and how to coach your clients into well-being. 

Our full program, spanning 18 months, is a comprehensive journey towards mastery. It includes certification in the Plexus Method (energy field reading), Therapeutic Guided Meditation Facilitation, and Holistic Coaching. By the end, you'll not only be a practitioner but also a qualified teacher, and most importantly, you'll always have access to the guidance of our experienced Master Energy Therapists. 

About your instructor: 

Colleen Kielton has been in the holistic field for 28 years, beginning her journey with nutrition. She earned her Holy Fire®III Karuna Reiki Master level in Sedona, Arizona, under Michael Baird and Laurelle Gaia. She earned her Master's in Strategic Communication from Purdue University after earning her Bachelor's in Psychology from Michigan State University and an extra 55 credits in Health Science from Indiana University. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University. 

Her personal experience includes overcoming intense emotional trials with her husband's emotional difficulties, two children overcoming opiate addictions and finding resolution and inner peace through all the trials that accompany these challenges. 

She received training from instructors at the best Reiki training school in the country, the International Center for Reiki Training. She has developed her signature technique, the Plexus Method™, and an advanced curriculum in the holistic stages of development, holistic coaching, and therapeutic guided meditation.

Join courses online from anywhere in the world via Zoom. 

Energy Therapist - Level 1

Day 1 - Level 1 ($610, includes 1&2)

Level 1&2 are taught on consecutive days. Level 1 is called the Initiate Level, where you will be introduced to the value that energy therapy provides to the clients with whom we work and ourselves. This class thoroughly explains how energy fields, energy centers, energy channels, and specific body areas tell a story about your clients. You will have the opportunity to receive the first of three levels of Holy Fire® Reiki and practice working with other students. 

Levels I & II are offered in person and on Zoom.

Energy Therapist - Level 2

Day 2 - Level 2 ($610, includes 1&2) 

You will have the opportunity to receive Level 2 Holy Fire® Reiki and practice sending and receiving energy with other students as if you were each other's clients. You will be introduced to and practice working the Plexus Method,™ where you will learn to read your client's energy field. You will have the opportunity to receive the second of the three Holy Fire® energy levels. A Level 1 Holistic Coaching certification is included in this course.

Levels I & II are offered in person and on Zoom.

Are you ready to develop a new career or enrich the one you already enjoy?

Enroll in the 18-month program that includes Levels 1&2, Master Energy Therapist, Certification for Therapeutic Guided Meditation Facilitator, and Minister of Therapeutic Energy for $3085, saving $769 when you commit to the complete program before taking your first Master Level course. These courses also include certification in Therapeutic Guided Meditation Facilitation and Holistic Coaching. 

Level III - Master Energy Therapist Only - $1618

Master Energy Therapist

Person of the Light, Day and Night. This course teaches you how to share the Holy Fire® energy with others, certifying your students to become Energy Therapists and Master Energy Therapists. A bonus to this course is an additional certification, that of Therapeutic Guided Meditation Facilitator. You will learn to guide meditations and lead students to process the imagery in a group setting. This certification will create a valuable new income opportunity as well as marketing, and of course, will bring tremendous benefit to your students. 

Level IV - Minister of Therapeutic Energy Only - $1618

Minister of Therapeutic Energy

This three-day course includes taking yourself deeper, higher, and transcending generations of traumas, emotions, habits, and practices to bring yourself full circle into a newly cleared vessel ready to offer therapeutic guidance to yourself, others, your community, and beyond. 

This course teaches therapeutic leadership along with higher levels of consciousness. After taking this course, you will be well-equipped to teach others–Prerequisite: Energy Therapist Levels 1, 2, and 3. 

Enroll in the 18-month program for $3085, saving $769. 

Please click this link and apply to the program. We reserve the right to decline applications. So that you know – the information in this application is also necessary for us to properly prepare for you in class.

Scheduling Certification Courses

Certification Courses are scheduled in two ways. They are planned and announced, or potential students may request a class date, which is then advertised for others to join. Contact Colleen at  ckielton@mindbodyhg.com or (574) 276-4667 to schedule or ask questions. 

You may make payment arrangements for the entire program if needed. PayPal Credit and UpStart offer simple loan plans that are easy to apply for. I appreciate your interest in Energy Therapy, and our world needs more Energy Therapists. See you in class, and thank you for your interest in taking part in healing humanity.