Mind-Body Holistic Health

Holistic Life Consulting, Coaching, Energy Therapy (Reiki), 

and Food Science to Fuel Peak Performance


Beginning in July 2024 Mind Body HHG will be located solely at:

714 E Jefferson Blvd, South Bend, IN 46617 inside A Healing Oasis

New Class! Therapeutic Guided Imagery Monday evenings in July! 

Therapeutic Guided Imagery

It is a fun, enlightening, and transformative class. Intentionally redesign your life, activating the tools you already possess.

This three-hour class includes an overview of how our energy affects our lives. Everything is made of energy, and we guide our energy to create our lives. You will learn how to intentionally direct it to benefit and enrich your life. We will cover the holistic stages of development, the scale of emotions, and an explanation of how our thoughts, feelings, and actions shift our states and attract life experiences. You will have a guided imagery experience, a moving meditation, and processing time. After taking this class and applying what you learn, you can expect to feel more emotionally stable, satisfied, resilient, and in charge of your life direction. All of this leads to experiencing the joy of an ever-deepening awareness and relationship with your inner divinity –optional Reception-Reiki Level 1. The schedule link is on the registration form as well.

Class Schedule 


Mind Body HHG, LLC at 714 E Jefferson Blvd

Monday Evenings in July 

5:30 pm to 8:30 pm 

Contact us to schedule if you would like a date other than those listed.

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Holistic Life Consulting/Coaching

What is Coaching, and how does it differ from talk therapy? 

In coaching, the coach believes that the answers to your frustrations, stagnations, and difficulties lie within you. A coach's job is to assist you in finding those answers. Coaches have unique specialties, such as nutrition, sports, performance, or living life. In this no-judgment zone, coaching helps individuals discover their authentic selves and how to find and honor their life purpose. Consulting offers clients insights from decades of fieldwork to guide clients to their peak performance. 

Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy soothes the body's energy field, bringing the body out of its stress response. While in the stress response, the body prioritizes energy flow to prepare for a fight. In this state, the body's health maintenance systems go on "low-battery" mode, leaving it vulnerable to external threats like illnesses. 

Both energy therapy and holistic life coaching have a calming effect, allowing clear thinking and improving performance. Any session can include consulting, coaching, and energy therapy. Choose the session time that you feel will allow ample time for your session. 


24/7 Access: A Healing Oasis, 715 E Jefferson Blvd, South Bend, IN 46617

Remote and Mobile Sessions available 7am-9pm

Text or call (574) 276-4667 


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