About Mind Body HHG

The Mind•Body Holistic Health Experience

Inspired by acceptance into Saybrook University, in the School of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, in the Mind•Body Medicine Program, Colleen Kielton, the founder of Mind•Body Holistic Health, has upgraded and expanded her practice. Mind•Body Holistic Health provides services to bring the best you into plain view. We believe that every soul is divine at its core and that we can help you clear the clouds, or sometimes hurricanes, in your outer world, to let your inner light will shine through. Sometimes we work from the inside out, helping you brighten your inner light to diffuse the storms around you. People ask how many sessions one needs to receive to accomplish this task.

Our Practitioners and Partners

Colleen Kielton, Founder, CEO, Minister of Therapeutic Energy

Colleen Kielton has been trained to practice as a Holy Fire®III Karuna® Usui Reiki. She enjoys studying how the human energy field can improve an individual’s life and the human condition at large. Through her personal life experience and formal and informal education, she has become proficient in helping clients find and navigate the emotional basis for their struggles.

Over the past ten years, she has developed techniques, services, and therapeutic courses to better serve her clients. She certifies and provides ongoing training for individuals in her Reiki-Based Energy Therapy Courses, where her students learn how to read the human energy field to discover the emotions stuck within them and to lead guided meditations. 

Colleen is pursuing her Ph.D. at Saybrook University, in the School of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, earning her Ph.D. in the Mind-Body Medicine program specializing in Psychophysiology. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University and a Master of Science in Strategic Communication from Purdue University.

In her spare time, Colleen loves boating on Lake Michigan, volunteering with the Marine Corps League and Team Red White Blue events, and engaging in craziness like jumping in ice water, rappelling down a tall building, and dragging herself through a 5K in the mud for good causes.

Electra Frye, Master Energy Therapist

Did you know that the natural state of your being is characterized by complete tranquility and optimal well-being? 

This state is known as homeostasis, a concept that may seem simple. Your essence is abundant in beauty, spirit, health, and vitality, fueled by your emotions. Allow me to demonstrate the intricate connection between your feelings and physical state, empowering you to control both aspects in your first appointment. 

Have you grown weary of the lack of answers from your current sources? 

Are you familiar with the Psychophysiology of the Stress Response? Emotions can become intertwined with stress, leading to a perpetual stress response. If left unresolved, these emotions accumulate in our bodies energy fields, centers, and channels, causing disruptions or stagnation. These disturbances signal that something requires attention, especially if left unattended. You may have experienced unexplained pain that eluded diagnostic tests, which could be your body's way of communicating with you. 

We create health by restoring your body's optimal functioning. 

Our energy field vividly narrates the origins of our emotional disturbances and sheds light on the cognitive processes that perpetuate them. Our approach does not aim to cure, fix, or eradicate these disturbances. Instead, we strive to identify the underlying causes and dismantle the factors that sustain them. Subsequently, we provide you with the tools and support to resolve your emotional disruptions gracefully. 

Holistic education holds the key to enhancing the human condition. By addressing and resolving holistic imbalances, we unlock the inner genius inherent within each individual. Assisting you in clearing the path for your inner genius is our way of fostering strength and innovation within our community. The health of our society is directly influenced by the health of its fundamental building blocks, that's you

Welcome to the Mind•Body Holistic Health Group, LLC. We look forward to collaborating with you on your journey. 

Colleen M Kielton, Minister of Therapuetic Energy

Holy Fire®III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher

Mind-Body Medicine Ph.D. – Integrative Wellness Coaching Student at Saybrook University