The three-year-old class learns through many venues: singing, dancing, finger-play, and shapes. Throughout the year, the class is introduced to numbers, the alphabet, colors, and shapes. Our classrooms are full of large and small manipulatives for the children to explore. Beginning writing and cutting skills will be introduced along with a core basic skills program. We discuss themes that pertain to seasons, holidays, and family. The children learn about God’s love and how to share, care, and get along with others.

Children learn to follow class rules and simple directions. They are also exposed to the calendar daily while discussing months, days, and seasons. Circle time is when the children sit and share with their friends.


The emphasis of the four-year-old full day class is Kindergarten Readiness. We use a “hands-on” approach to learning. The children are encouraged to learn through crafts, games, and play. We cover a broad range of subjects such as: transportation, hibernation, friendship, and our personal characteristics. Religious study takes place weekly. Reading readiness is encouraged through letter recognition and phonics. Math skills are consistently developed through our “hands-on” approach. The children are exposed to the calendar daily while discussing the months, days and seasons.

The children are read to every day and much of our curriculum is based on notable children’s books as well as Bible stories. Our classroom is lively and upbeat in order to encourage an interest in what we are teaching. The room is set up so that different areas concentrate on teaching different skills such as: The art center for creativity and fine motor skills, manipulatives for motor and math skills, a pretend area to help encourage through song and story, along with other “hands-on” activities. Writing skills and math skills such as patterning, sequencing and counting are also addressed in a fun, hands on approach. Responsibility is encouraged through weekly job sharing.

Some of the topics we include for science and social studies are insects, hygiene, nutrition, safety, transportation, weather, authors, ecology, various animals, and holidays.

Transitional Kindergarten

The Transitional Kindergarten program is a bridge between preschool and Kindergarten. This program is for children who have missed the public-school cut-off date (October 1st) or who are in need of another year to develop socially, physically or academically prior to entering Kindergarten. This program continues to follow the Creative Curriculum and is supplemented by a Reading and Math curriculum. The program may be accelerated based on the developmental needs of the children at a pace that has been adapted to best suit their abilities.