USD262 Health & Wellness Site

“Feel Better, Be Healthy, Live Longer” 

Valley Center Public Schools Health and Wellness Program is designed to help employees adopt and maintain health behaviors as part of their everyday life.  Employees may participate in our wellness incentive program to qualify for the Healthy Living Additional Benefit.  The HLAB program results in an additional $30/month being paid by the district toward health insurance premiums ($360/yr).


Once you submit it, you will get an emailed receipt

We like to give you options for your summer fitness regimen!  Choose what fits best with your lifestyle. 

Option 1: H20 with a side of 5K

Option 2: Hornet Pride Fitness

Option 3:  Step Challenge

National Immunization Awareness Month (CDC Link)

Tech it up with Fitness (NEW CHALLENGE)

Integrate Fitness Technology with your cell phone or smart watch! 

Challenge Requirements can be found on the tracker form.

National Suicide Prevention Month

Take charge of your Health

Fruits + Veggies + 30 minutes of physical activity, five days/week

Mental Illness Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Get Yo' Steps In Challenge

Get moving with 30 minutes of walking or fitness in, at least 5 days/week!  Easy Peasy! 

Diabetes Awareness Month  

Diabetes Precautions:  Food Choices, Physical Activity, and Lose Excess Weight

Cardiovascular Challenge

National Blood Donor Month

Fitness Class of your Choice! 

Feb is the final fitness challenge to qualify for the HLAB benefit, for the next school year. 

American Heart Month

Book or Digital Challenge:  Read/Listen, Reflect, & Share

CHOOSE ONE (Book or Podcast):

The Community Events are not part of the staff wellness challenges.

Hornet Hustle in September, Sponsor Abilene, West, Wheatland, VCIS Elementary PTOs

VCHS Band on the Run in March, Sponsor VCHS Marching Band