Ribbons & Premiums

Ribbons & Premiums

Ribbons are awarded to recognize the accomplishments of the individual 4‐H member. All 4-H’ers will receive 1 colored ribbon (white, red, or blue, green) ribbon per project. 

Premiums are a monetary award presented to 4-H’ers. At the Hennepin County Fair, premiums are are provided by the Hennepin County Agricultural Society.  

At all other events, premiums are determined and provided by Hennepin County 4-H Federation or your local project club.

For each project that a 4‐H’er enters at the fair, a specific amount of money (premium) will be awarded depending upon the ribbon placing. Premium checks will be distributed or mailed to 4-H’ers following the County-level showcase event. Please take these checks to the bank as soon as possible - and don't spend it all in one place!

Ribbons for Cloverbuds, grades K-2

Ribbons for youth, grades 3rd - 13th:

Within project areas & among blue ribbon projects, ALL judges will confer and award: