Pre-Publication Support Service (PREPSS) provides manuscript development and writing support to health researchers from around the globe. The world needs these researchers and their science, but we can't learn from them unless they get the word out about their findings. The service works with authors to improve their manuscripts to be competitive submissions for publication in peer-reviewed academic journals. PREPSS provides a range of services including on-site training, pre-writing data consultation, guidance on selecting a journal, multiple rounds of content and methods peer review, as well as copy editing.

Writing Support Across Global Research Communities: A Case Study for Public Health

The world’s problems need all the world’s people. As discussed in a recent guest post from Andy Nobes, “New Platform Facilitates International Research Collaboration to Help Solve our Biggest Global Challenges,” it is particularly important to find ways to encourage and sustain researchers from the Global South. More...

The Borders of Scientific Communication

For decades, health researchers from the US and other developed countries have traveled to developing countries, extracted data, and returned home to publish their findings in respected journals. But, with funders like the NIH requiring direct collaboration with in-country researchers, this model has shifted in recent years. More...

Author Spotlight

Veronica Dzomeku is a researcher, midwife and faculty member at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology investigating which factors lead to a healthy and positive experience in childbirth care in the capital region of Kumasi, Ghana. More...

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