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IAESTE doesn't only offer a way for students to absolve an internship abroad, but also the chance to be part of an extensive network of alumni. Through these contacts, using the official alumni website, you can exchange stories, get updates on great travelling sites and much more.

We would like to share with you some stories from our first interns:

Mercedes Anastasia Evgenia Spannagel

I am a mechanical engineering student at the technical university TU Vienna. I am currently doing an IAESTE internship in Nicaragua. As I spend most of my time in Nicaragua's second largest city, Leon, where I also go to work. Here I get to admire the unique architecture, the colorful single-floor houses, as I travel to my workplace the technical University La Salle, in an office called CIDTEA. The office I work at, focuses on the production of renewable energies. The project I am currently working on addresses the issue of the use of charcoal in kitchens. For it I need to design of a pipe, which would provide the cafeteria of the LaSalle University with the bio-gas that we produce.

Apart from working, I am also able to travel the country, on weekends I travel to the beach, go volcano boarding or when I feel adventurous I go on tours like visiting the canyon of Somoto, where I jumped into a lake from a height of 10 meters.

Frederick Müller

Hello, my name is Frederick and although I live in Switzerland, I was born in Nicaragua. I am currently studying Energy and Environmental Technologies at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland, where I was also made aware of the IAESTE exchange program. I applied to work for an environmental project at the ULSA university in León, Nicaragua. For me it was the perfect choice because of my studies in environmental sciences and because I've always wanted to work in my home country. I am currently working on a joint Latin American-European project named "LaWEEEda", which focuses on the correct management of electrical waste.

So far my time in León has been nothing but fantastic, the colleagues and the staff at the university are all very friendly and helpful. I can only criticize the heat, but when I get used to it that will change.

Isabel Soler

Hello my name is Isabel and I am a biology student from Valencia in Spain, who is currently absolving an IAESTE internship in Nicaragua. My work takes place at the Environmental Botanical Garden in León. My main activities within my workplace is the care of the plants. Among my daily duties is the watering, re-potting, preparation of soil, cleaning of the land and plant reproduction. Apart from that I am also taking part of a mapping project, which aims to map out all plants, animals and insects that inhabit the four different forest types housed by the botanical garden. Finally, I also help in an educational program, about the environment, known as the PEA. The aim of the course is to teach children and communities about the correct care of the land round them, and the correct use of resources of the Juan Venado Island reserve, that borders the town.

Lukas Bretz

Hello, my name is Lukas Bretz. I am currently absolving a 3 month internship in Nicaragua, León. This internship takes place at the Center for development, investigation and invention of environmentally viable energy technologies (CIDTEA) at the technological university La Salle ULSA, in León. I work on a project on the filtration of bio-gas. On this project I work for Prof. Benito and Prof. Leiva. Amongst the things I've learned are experiences with the production of bio-gas, a subject that had not been covered by my studies in Germany, as well as strengthening my ability to speak Spanish.

During my free time, apart from taking salsa lessons, I have had the chance to explore the country, visiting cities and seeing the sights among which are numerous volcanoes and lakes. One of the biggest challenges has been getting used to a non-European culture.

We would love to hear your stories. If you have done an internship with us we welcome you to join our Alumni group IAESTE Nicaragua on the official Alumni website. Sign up here!




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