So you've arrived in Managua... What now?

Well first of all remember that Nicaragua is a very warm country, so wearing a jacket, long pants and gloves might not be the best Idea.

Alright, so you're wearing adequate clothing, but you still need a VISA. At immigration most Western countries automatically receive a 3-month VISA, when entering the country. All you need are 10 dollars and your passport - which you should have unless you dropped it in the airplane.

Whether you speak Spanish, or are just a beginner, we will pick you up. So look out for some friendly sign-bearing IAESTE representative if you want a warm welcome.

Now then, if you have followed our comprehensive check list you're set to go to start your exciting internship in a new country. Remember to bring some cash for the first couple of days of your stay, your health insurance papers in case of an emergency and an open mind.




IAESTE Nicaragua

Universidad Tecnológica La Salle - ULSA

Oficina de Internacionalización

Km. 4 carretera a Poneloya, León, Nicaragua

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