Nicaragua is a central American country, of about 6.1 million inhabitants. Strewn over 15 states and 2 autonomous zones. The main cities are Managua, León, Chinandega, Esteli, Masaya, Grenada, San Juan del Sur, Matagalpa and Blue fields. While the main language is Spanish, on the east coast the language of choice is English.

While mainly a catholic country you will find its people to be very open, and religion being treated more as a private practice and reports religious freedom through out its borders.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country, although it does come with the danger of wanting to stay.

Between the amazing food, the volcanic landscape, the warm weather and intriguing culture one of the biggest dangers is never wanting to leave.

The friendly attitude of most Nicaraguans and the divide between the Spanish West coast and the Caribbean East coast, never ceases to amaze.

Some of the most beautiful places are the city of Granada, the Indian market in Masaya, the Volcano Ometepe and Leons own Cerro Negro.

Between surfing, volcano boarding, cycling, kayaking and swimming this country offers more than enough to adventurers during their time off.

Historians will also find the old architecture and churches in Leon very interesting, as well as the differences between cities, which all contain a unique history.




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