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Welcome to the Upper Grand District School Board’s Distant Learning site for students with Special Education Needs. We recognize the challenging times that we currently face, and hope everyone is doing well, and managing as best you can. If you are struggling, and are in need of support, please do not hesitate to reach out. (Mental Health Page)

As we venture into unknown territory, we are working together to create a distance learning venue that is not only accessible, but also provides varying levels of support to ensure we are meeting the needs of all our students.

Special Education

Special Education refers to the teaching and support of students who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and/or whose learning needs differ from their peers. All students learn in different ways, demonstrating varying areas of strength, and need. As members of the UGDSB Special Education team, our goal is to provide students and their families with as many supports as possible, allowing our students to progress in their learning, and successfully continue on their academic journey.

On this site, you will find links to various learning profiles (as they are defined within the UGDSB), ideas for daily routines, behavioural supports and strategies, our boards mental health website, as well as some learning activity ideas. Each of these links will take you to a section designed to offer support for students with varying learning needs. The resources and suggestions provided are meant to be used alongside the resources and tools provided by classroom teachers.

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