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Summer Mental Health Supports for Students!!!

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The Upper Grand District School Board is committed to creating a welcoming, safe and inclusive learning environment that recognizes the essential connection between mental health and student achievement. The well-being of our students is a shared responsibility and we will ensure all stakeholders are able to collaborate in a coordinated, responsive and effective manner.

UGDSB Core Beliefs

  • The connection between mental well-being and student achievement supports every student’s academic and personal success

  • Well-being and positive mental health is a shared responsibility between students, staff, families and community

  • Students will benefit from a collaborative and shared pathway of care

  • A culture of caring and connectedness fosters positive student growth and achievement

  • A safe, inclusive and equitable learning environment will enhance student success

There are child and youth counsellors in every elementary school as well as some secondary schools. Elementary schools also have access to counselling and attendance support. All secondary schools have a social worker assigned to them for counselling and attendance. In addition to these in-school supports, every school has a psychology and mental health consultant. The mental health staff work in partnership with special education, speech & language and administrators to support students and their families. Our mental health staff can also support connections to community agencies and referrals to treatment as needed.

If you have a question about what is available in your school please contact your school administrator.