Mohamed Al-Hussein, PhD, PEng

Professor, Construction Engineering and Management

University of Alberta
Hole School of Construction Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
7-295 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
Edmonton, AB T6G 1H9

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Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein is a professor and Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in the Industrialization of Building Construction at the University of Alberta, and a highly sought researcher and consultant in the areas of lean manufacturing, construction process optimization, CO2 emission quantification, and building information modelling (BIM), with the development of modular and offsite construction technologies and practices forming the hub of his research.

Dr. Al-Hussein's research has contributed to construction automation as applied to equipment selection and on-site utilization. His participation overseeing the crane lifts of concrete panels at a mansion project in Long Island, NY, helped to establish his reputation as a world-class researcher in this field. Since then, his research has continued to develop crane selection and utilization algorithms. Dr. Al-Hussein's work in the area of crane utilization has led to a number of innovations to minimize the cost and footprint associated with crane operations on industrial sites. 

Dr. Al-Hussein has also successfully applied lean principles to improve work methods and productivity standards, including the City of Edmonton Drainage Operations. One unique application has been Dr. Al-Hussein's work on optimization of invoice processing for construction organizations.

Dr. Al-Hussein's research has developed best practices for panelized building systems, lean production, and modular construction. He applied modular construction to build five 3-storey student dorms at a Pennsylvania college in just 10 onsite working days.  More recently, applications of Dr. Al-Hussein's research in the area of modular and offsite construction have included several mid-rise multi-family residential facilities, such as a 68-unit apartment building for which on-site assembly of modules was completed in just two days.

Dr. Al-Hussein has been published in 400 peer-reviewed articles in leading journals and conference proceedings. 

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Industrialized Construction, which features leading-edge research on the theory and practice of industrialized construction.