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Welcome to the website for Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein's research group!
Dr. Al-Hussein is a professor in construction engineering and management in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Al-Hussein's research program focuses on industrializing and modernizing the construction process. This involves transferring onsite construction activities into offsite facilities in which construction tasks can be automated, regulated, and tightly controlled within a climate-controlled environment. The transition to industrialized construction improves quality, boosts efficiency and productivity, enhances the health and safety of workers, reduces costs, and reduces the environmental footprint of construction.

Mohamed Al-Hussein is a highly sought researcher with expertise in the following areas:

Dr. Al-Hussein has been published in 400 peer-reviewed articles in leading journals and conference proceedings. 

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein's research is featured in this video produced by the Faculty of Engineering

Featured In

In June 2024, Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein was featured in a story on CBC News about the future of modular construction.

In April 2021, Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein was featured in an article in Forbes about the future of modular construction.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein, an alumnus of Concordia University in Montreal, was featured in the Spring 2020 edition of Concordia University Magazine.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein was interviewed in a feature story about modular construction on CBC Radio's Edmonton AM program in September 2019.

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Research and education on building information modelling (BIM) can unite industry and academia to innovate complex construction processes. 

Our research in the area of crane utilization has led to a number of innovations to minimize the cost and footprint associated with crane operations on industrial sites.

Our research considers ergonomic risks in terms of worker health and safety in manufacturing facilities and on construction sites.

Our research successfully applies lean, simulation, and other productivity improvement measures to improve work methods in construction.

Our research examines sustainable solutions in the context of modular and offsite construction, and the residential building sector in particular. 

Our research investigates infrastructure planning, maintenance, policies, and community design in order to enhance quality of life and sustainability.