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Our faculty are recognized nationally and internationally for their exceptional research. Through extensive interaction and collaboration with other distinguished research groups, our team of faculty and student researchers provides novel research and technological developments to increase sustainable practices in a variety of industries. We attract the brightest minds in the field and train early-career, technically competent scientists and engineers - the future leaders, consultants and regulators for the discipline.

With our talented people and extraordinary research facilities, the Geotechnical Centre is pioneering the way to innovative, environmentally conscientious solutions for future generations.

What is Geotechnical Engineering?

Geotechnical engineering involves any aspect of engineering relating to soil and rock such as mining, analysis and design of dams, foundations and tunnels, and understanding the behaviour of slopes and groundwater.

Geoenvironmental engineering deals with the interactions between wastes and the geosphere including management of solid waste, migration of contaminant through the subsurface and remediation of contaminated sites.

Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering has been designated as one of the University of Alberta's areas of research excellence.

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International Conferences and Short Courses

Join us for our upcoming 40 hour comprehensive short course. The 8th International Design & Assessment of Mine Waste Structures short course runs September 5-10, 2024. Register today! 

For more geotechnical engineering events, visit the Geotechnical Society of Edmonton and Canadian Geotechnical Society.