Centre for Research for
Teacher Education & Development (CRTED)


The Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development (CRTED) was established in 1991 as a faculty-wide centre for research for teacher education and development. The Centre draws together diverse people, including graduate students from across campus, faculty, research assistants, principals, social workers, medical personnel, and teachers.


Click here to register for Dr. Hang Tran's book talk on April 22, 2024 from 12pm to 1:30pm online or in person in ED S 633

Home Walking Alongside Children, Youth, and Families New to Canada: Dr. Hang Tran 

Dr. Tran will share from her doctoral research and how this experience grew her current postdoctoral research, in which children and families new to Canada have come alongside her to co-inquire into experiences of culturally relevant food offerings, and how cultural food security and dignity impact mental health and wellbeing amidst transitioning to Canada. By attending to questions of “so what” and “who cares”, these two narrative inquiries show that children and youth’s life-making as they transition to Canada is challenging, and that their desire to retain their mother languages and traditional cultural identities offer promising ways of knowing and being for teachers, social workers, and policy makers who are seeking to support their and their families flourishing.