Smart Home

The Smart Home of the University of Almeria is an environment in which students, professors and researchers develop technological solutions focused on improving the lives of users in their homes.

The environment has a total of 5 rooms containing different appliances connected through the KNX protocol. In addition, from a control room it is possible to visualise the activity that is taking place inside the house. Furthermore, sensors and actuators from different manufacturers are integrated in order to adapt the environment to the different users living in it.

Among the most outstanding solutions within the Smart Home of the University of Almeria are those focused on eHealth, activity recognition, energy efficiency and comfort.

The smart lab has implemented several types of KNX compatible intelligent devices. These devices are: lights (normal and dimmed); push buttons (normal and touch); blinds; roller blinds; air conditioning; presence and motion detectors; temperature, humidity, CO2 and flooding sensors; fire detectors; biometric access control and electric lock; built-in touch screen.

The laboratory additionally consists of the following non-KNX protocols and devices: (i) IP security cameras; (ii) HomeConnect devices for Siemens brand dishwasher, and for the Bosch brand oven, hood, glass-ceramic cooker and washing machine; (iii) Smart ThinQ for the fridge.

In addition to the connection of high quality commercial devices, there is a wireless node that allows any other device to be integrated through TCP/HTTP connectivity by WiFI or ethernet, such as a smart TV.

In addition, the smart home incorporates binary sensors of the following types: presence, opening and closing of doors and windows, and pressure. These devices communicate via the ZWave protocol with a Raspberry controller device.

In addition, ten location devices have been placed at different points in the home, allowing the real-time location of the home's users to be monitored.