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Week 10: November 7, 2022


Happy November!




Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute (Unpaid)

WHAT: The Angelo Del Toro PR/HYLI is a nationally acclaimed civic engagement free program for Hispanic students that is recognized by the NYSDOE and offered by The Office of Multilingual Learners, NYCDOE. This opportunity offers various leadership opportunities and resources with the goal of affirming and empowering students in cultural pride, self-advocacy, social justice, and increasing Latin voice in several government, community, and institutional spaces. The program will be providing MetroCards to and from the site, free lunch and breakfast, college credits for sophomores, opportunity to win a scholarship, weekend trip to Albany, and more.

WHO: Any hispanic high schooler residing in New York City

WHEN: Saturday's (November 19, December 3, 10, 17, January 7, 28, February 18, and March 4)

DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 12, 2022


CTE-ISP Spring Internship (Paid)

WHAT: The CTE-ISP Spring internship program is a 6 week program that will run for a total of 60 paid hours. Interns will be required to work a minimum of 10 hours a week and up to 15 hours a week maximum with a company that relates to their interests. Most internships will be virtual, though some may be in-person depending on the site.

WHO: Any junior or senior high schooler residing in New York City

WHEN: Spring 2023

DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 23, 2022


AMD All Girls Online Hackathon (Unpaid)

WHAT: Hackathons are exciting events where people with interests in STEM congregate and develop a novel and technical project. This online event will be held on Zoom in which you can code your idea with friends, present it to judges, and win $1000 in cash prizes! There are also other fun events and workshops sprinkled throughout the hackathon.

WHO: Any High Schooler that Resides in New York City that identifies as a girl

WHEN: December 10 @ 10 AM - December 11 @ 10 PM