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Introducing Pear Deck Tutoring

Exciting news! Our school district is teaming up with Pear Deck Tutoring, formerly known as TutorMe to amp up the learning game for students in Grades 3-12! Pear Deck Tutoring is the ultimate sidekick for every learner out there. Picture this: on-demand tutoring, available 24/7, accessible through your student's school Chromebook.

But wait, there's more! Pear Deck Tutoring's Lesson Space is like a virtual replica of the best parts of in-person learning. Face-to-face collaboration with optional live audio and video – perfect for those who rock the virtual learning vibe! 

Now, brace yourself for this squad of top-notch tutors! Certified teachers, pros, degree holders, and subject matter wizards were all thoroughly vetted and background-checked. They’re here to make learning a blast!

Oh, and guess what? Alongside live tutoring, there's a Writing Lab! Students can get lightning-fast feedback on papers and essays. Submit that next assignment and watch the magic happen before it gets graded! 

Ready to dive in? Access Pear Deck Tutoring straight from your student's school Clever and hit that Pear Deck Tutoring icon! 

Questions or need a little extra oomph? Contact program coordinators Alison Brehm at abrehm@twpunionschools.org and Danielle Stabler dstabler@twpunionschools.org