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Completing an application is the only requirement to be considered for acceptance into an Academy. Click the button below to fill one out today! Completed applications enter a lottery system to determine student acceptance. The deadline for applications is in December, just after the Fall Semester ends. Only incoming freshmen may apply for an academy. 

NAF Academies

Academy Development & Structure

NAF academies are structured as small, focused learning communities that fit within and enhance high school systems, allowing NAF to become an integral part of a plan for higher achievement at low cost. NAF promotes open enrollment for its academies in order to maximize every student’s chance at a successful future. The flexible structure encourages teacher collaboration across subject areas and fosters personalization to meet student, school, district, and state needs and goals.

NAFTrack Certification

TJUHSD Academies are affiliated with an organization called the National Academy Foundation (NAF). Students who complete rigorous academic coursework and an internship may be eligible for NAF Track Certification.

NAFTrack Certification awards students with

Current participating companies include: AT&T, Cisco, EMC, HP, JPMorgan Chase, Juniper Networks, KPMG LLP, RBC Capital Markets US, Verizon, and Xerox.