About TCS: Our Services and Values

Services at TCS -  TCS provides quality, affirming mental wellness care through individual, family, and group therapies. The process of psychotherapy can help with many kinds of concerns, including anxiety, depression, grief, relationship difficulties, and behavioral difficulties, and concerns people may experience surrounding gender explorations, sexual orientation, polyamory, and oppression. Therapy is a dynamic, engaging, relational experience that can spark changes within you that continue to facilitate growth long after you leave the therapeutic experience. Practitioners at TCS have a variety of specialties and are located in Indiana. Check out the TCS Therapists' pages (links below) for more details.


In all of TCS’ work we hold it to be true that: 

Black Lives Matter,

Trans Lives are to be honored, 

Neurodivergence is different, not less, 

Fat bodies are valued regardless of health, 

All bodies are valued regardless of ability, and

Therapy is a part of dismantling oppressive structures.

Fees for Therapeutic Services

Clinical Consultation, Supervision, Training, and Mentoring

TCS continues our dedication to our values beyond our practice though improving the quantity and quality of gender, sex, kink, BDSM, polyamory informed and affirming mental wellness and therapeutic services through:

Go to Clinical Consultation, Supervision, Training, and Mentoring for Providers page for information on consulting/supervision/training/mentoring opportunities at TCS.

Go to TCS Therapist's pages (links above) for information on writing and conferences taught.