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The Rotary Club of Towcester has recently made available a sum of money to help assist worthwhile causes in Towcester and the surrounding villages. Consideration will be given to both individuals and organisations who can demonstrate a real need and where our donation will make a significant and long-term improvement to the recipient.

Applications are invited from proposed beneficiaries themselves or from individuals who are aware of a case of need.

The Club will review each application on its merits and reserves the right to make any final decisions. All applications will be subject to confidentiality and any data will be held securely by the Club and not divulged to outside bodies.

Applications should be made via the attached form which will require as much detail as possible for the Club to make an informed and fair decision. Or visit the Club’s web site www.towcester-rotary.org.uk . Both positive and negative results will be relayed to applicants, but no further correspondence will be entered into after a final decision is made.

Applications should be submitted via email to steveharding@towcester-rotary.org.uk by the closing date of 30th April 2024.

Successful applicants may be asked to participate in any publicity arising from this award and to attend the Club to explain how this has helped them – this will only be relevant in certain cases and only if the beneficiary is comfortable to do so.

Criteria for consideration;

1. Applicants should be from Towcester or the surrounding villages and in the general area covered by the Club.

2. Individuals, Organisations and Clubs are invited to apply.

3. Genuine cases of hardship only will be considered.

4. Community projects that assist local people will be considered.

5. Any donation must ensure long term sustainability and not be a short-term fix.

6. Donations will not be made to pay off existing debts.

7. Invoices for purchases may be required as evidence.

We are pleased to announce that these local companies have decided to become Corporate members

If you would like more information do contact us. 

“The Towcester Tidy up”

A Second Tidy Up will take place over the weekend

SATURDAY, 27th April and SUNDAY, 28th April

Locations to be advised.

All equipment will be provided

For further information contact: David Reed –


07970 597044


In conjunction with WNC, The ROTARY CLUB of TOWCESTER is organising “THE TOWCESTER TIDY UP”