Award Winning Books 

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The William Allen White Children's Book Award Winners for 2023 are:

Grades 3-5:  Lindsay Currie for  Scritch Scratch

Grades 6-8:  J. L. Esplin for 96 Miles

(TPS 3rd - 5th top vote getter: Scritch Scratch !)

(TPS 6th - 8th top vote getter:  96 Miles !)

William Allen White Award 2023-2024 Voting Instructions for TPS Media Specialists:

Here are some important instructions about voting as it is done for Topeka Public Schools:

> The Media Services Office collects all the TPS Voting Tally Sheets. We record your votes for a local winner and then enter the votes at the William Allen White Online Voting site. Please DO NOT vote online yourself.

> Please see the attachments below for copy-ready forms for ballots.  A student may vote for a book on either list or both if they have read at least 2 books from each list.

> Also attached is the Excel tally sheet which will automatically add up your votes. Tally sheets may be submitted in digital or print form: Your choice. Please note that the tally sheets require the number of votes for each title, at EACH grade level. This is required information when submitting Online.

> Please send the tally sheet for your school by the April 5 deadline. Please be sure that the tally sheet has your school name at the top and contains number totals for each grade level. (If you need a couple of days past April 5 to complete voting or if your school is not able to vote this year, please let us know.) 

As you schedule your voting days, please find and avoid dates that testing is scheduled at your school(s), parent-teacher conferences on Feb. 8-9, and remember that Spring Break is March 13-17. If you have any questions please let us know.

Sample On-Line William Allen White Voting "Google Forms" EDIT access  (Please COPY these forms to your drive before using)

> 3-5 WAW Children's Book Award Voting Form 2023-2024

> 6-8 WAW Children's Book Award Voting Form 2023-2024

> 3-8 WAW Children's Book Award Voting Form 2023-2024

Sample printed Ballots

> 3-5 WAW Voting Ballot 2023-2024  

> 6-8 WAW Voting Ballot 2023-2024 

Tally Sheet  (Please COPY this Excel document to your desktop before using) 

> Tally Sheet 2023-2024

2023-2024 Schedule of WAW Events 

Promoting reading and voting

There are some good ideas and current information at the official William Allen White Awards website.

            WAW 2023-24 Book Covers and Trailers

Topeka Public Schools promotions:

                 TPS WAW Bookmarks for Grades 3-5

                 TPS WAW Bookmarks for Grades 6-8

WAW Master List bright green labels are available from the Media Services office and may be customized with the year.  Contact Media Services.

If you wish to make your own, here is a William Allen White Master List spine label template (thank you Jan Stover)

> Spine label template in Publisher

> Spine label template PDF

Adjust the label in this document to fit your school needs.  Print the labels on bright colored paper so it will be noticed on the shelf.  The traditional color for these labels is bright green.

Information for the 2023-2024 WAW Award cycle

> The WAW Master List for 2023-2024 posted by Bev Buhler, October 28, 2022.

Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award

The Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award, originally a Kansas Reading Association established award, is now supported by the Jones Institute for Educational Excellence, Emporia State University.  

Follow this LINK to the new Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award website  

The Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award Winner for 2023 is "Beach Toys vs. School Supplies" by Mike Ciccotello. 

BMJFlyer 2023-24.pdf

Follow the link above