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2023 TOCS Academic Contest

2023 千橡中文學校識字與常識比賽


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捷報 !!

2023 SCCCS Fall Academic Contests

2023 南加州中文學校聯合會秋季學術比賽

本次比賽共有531位學生報名參加,得獎人數是 163 人 (TOCS 佔15 %)




CCCA第六屆文化節將於下週六(10/14/2023)早上11點到下午四點在Civic Art Plaza 舉行,歡迎學生/家長前往參加活動,中文學校將於活動當日發給學生一份活動護照,學生集滿 10 個活動章,可以到中文學校攤位領取獎品。除此之外還有更多的獎項及文化遊戲等你來探索, 本週六預售遊戲票眷和摸彩卷, 買多送多, 請把握機會喔!

Dear TOCS Families,

On Oct. 14th, CCCA will hold the 6th Conejo Chinese Cultural Day at the Civic Arts Plaza from 11am to 4pm. Students and parents are welcome to participate in this event. The Chinese school will issue students an activity passport on event day. After collected 10 activity stamps, students can go to the Chinese school booth to claim the prize. In addition, there are more awards and cultural games waiting for you to explore. There will be a pre-sale of game and raffle tickets at TOCS campus this Saturday: buy more get more free, please seize the opportunity! (Cash or Cheque are welcome) Thank you!

Game Ticket :  1 for $1 / 12 for $10 / 25 for $20

Raffle Ticket :  1 for $2 / 6 for $10 / 15 for $20

中文學校提醒家長準時接送小孩,若未能準時抵達請安排其他人接送,勿讓孩子一個人單獨留在校園。中文學校人員值班時間是9:00am-12:30pm,課後時間的安全問題家長們要特別注意。任何問題歡迎與中文學校聯絡。如果發現任何可疑行為請及時通知 911

Thousand Oaks Chinese School would like to remind all the parents to pick up your children on time. If you cannot arrive on time, please arrange for someone else to pick them up and do not leave your children alone on campus. Our staff are on duty from 9:00am to 12:30pm, and parents should pay special attention to safety issues during after-school hours. If you see something suspicious activities, please report 911.





Dear TOCS Families,

The first two weeks of the new school year went smoothly. Thank you all for your support and cooperation.  A few reminders:

1.  There is NO SCHOOL this coming Saturday, Sept. 2nd.  Enjoy the Labor Day long weekend!

2.  School will resume on Sept. 9th. 

3.  There are still some open seats for some of the 3rd period classes. Encourage the students to register soon.







Dear Parents,


Hope you have a wonderful summer break. The registration system has resumed on August 1st, 2023. Preparations for the start of the new school year are well underway. As always, thank you for your cooperation and support, and we look forward to welcoming all students and staff back to campus on August 19th, 2023!




1.        2023-2024 學年度註冊:早鳥優惠 $50 六月三十日

2.        七月一日至七月三十一日系統維護停止註冊,八月一日  


3.        新學年開學日: 八月十九日

最後祝大家暑假快樂 !! 新學年我們繼續加油!!

Dear Parents,
The 2022-2023 school year has been successfully completed. Thank you all for your support and cooperation!

Remind everyone: the number of students in each class will be limited to 18 in the new 2023-2024 school year.  Please register soon.

In addition, an idiom story class is newly added to the third elective class. Interested students are welcome to register.
Here are reminders of important dates:
1.     2023-2024 school year registration: Early bird discount of $50 until June 30, 2023.

2.     From July 1 to July 31, the registration will be closed for system maintenance, and it will reopen on August 1, 2023.

3.     New school year start date: August 19, 2023.  

Finally, I wish everyone a happy summer break! 

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