Agile Manager

Program coordination included multiple projects such as: 

Program Development Case Study

Project and Program Management Portfolio

Project Management Examples

Copy of Project and Program Management Examples

Learning Designer

I currently use Webex, Microsoft, Google Suite, Canvas, Canva, iMovie, Adobe Express and Creative Suite, Blackboard for video or lesson production and project management and have used Camtasia, Articulate Storyline and SmartSheets for personal use to learn about their structures.

Short-term projects include

Relationship Builder

Led staff on a low-income MS campus through a multi-year process to develop multiple new systems and protocols, 

Leadership resulted in an improved culture and climate for staff (rating of 4 out of 5 on evaluations for administrator support) and maintaining academic standards (before and during a national pandemic), including: 

Event Planner

Co-organized multiple large scale events, later teaching future organizers how to implement the plan

Back to School Fair Planning and Implementation

HBCU College Expo Planning and Implementation