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Agile Manager

I prefer an agile approach to project management, but I easily adapt to new technology and platforms --for example, I taught myself how to code basic HTML for things such as tabs in Canvas.

In addition, I have edited blogs and websites (as an independent illustrator) and utilized project management software and agile planning processes over short- and long-term projects as a program coordinator.

Program coordination included multiple projects such as:

  • Planning successful community events, such as health fairs, college expo days, wellness fairs, and more

  • Managing a cross-functional team (training, presentations, culture building, conflict resolution, etc), collecting data in regular impact reports

  • Maintaining an agile approach to project management of long- and short-term tasks

  • Developing an evaluation system for, and in conjunction with, SEL facilitators

  • Managing conflict within a team and local community, adapting the program and changing action plans as needed

  • Managing long-view timelines, projections, budgeting, culture building, and gaining stakeholder buy-in in a low engagement environment

Learning Designer

I currently use Webex, Microsoft, Google Suite, Canvas, Canva, iMovie, Adobe Express and Creative Suite, Blackboard for video or lesson production and project management and have used Camtasia, Articulate Storyline and SmartSheets for personal use to learn about their structures.

Short-term projects include:

  • Training district staff on Restorative Practices - co-developed a refresher course (with Director of Student Services) for staff - reaching 1,000+ professional staff

  • Developing administrator truancy training and program - co-created (with Director of Student Services) an administrator training and process to implement a new truancy program across the district, reaching 300+ campus administrators across HS, MS and ES levels

  • Co-writing administrator discipline guide - co-developed (with Director of Student Services) a new restorative guide for all district administrators, with a new lens on restorative practices, reaching 300+ campus administrators across HS, MS and ES levels

Relationship Builder

Led staff on a low-income MS campus through a multi-year process to develop multiple new systems and protocols,

Leadership resulted in an improved culture and climate for staff (rating of 4 out of 5 on evaluations for administrator support) and maintaining academic standards (before and during a national pandemic), including:

  • Writing family orientation and communication - multiple community events, orientation for 3 grades, awards, graduation, weekly family newsletters

  • Training staff and creating professional development each year, with long-term communication and updates throughout the year

  • improving collective teacher efficacy (ex., campus teacher profile underwent an update and committee revamp each year) to meet State protocols and standards

  • Creating common language and protocols (common LMS protocols or discipline/grading policies did not initially exist) leading to an improved student experience and learning opportunity

  • Developing and implementing effective evaluations for staff

  • Leading multiple PLC learning sessions - coaching and leading change-management practices

Event Planner

Led staff on a low-income MS campus through a multi-year process to develop multiple new systems and protocols,

Back to School Fair Planning and Implementation

  • Co-planning and co-organizing an annual 1-day event where 5,000 families received services and supplies for 3 years prior to Covid

    • Coordinated committee and 300+ volunteers, including maps, planning documents for the whole fair, community liaison with stakeholders and staff

HBCU College Expo Planning and Implementation

  • Worked with Chair to implement Year 5's Expo with a dozen colleges and hundreds of students from across the district

    • Provided graphics, committee support, and planning and communication documents