Staff Development Examples


Learning is about connecting with the people in the room. It must be purposeful, meaningful, and person-centered. 

Guidelines for Staff Trainings and Presentations

Examples of Presentations

(Graphic Designer and Author)

I design my adult learning using a variety of online tools (and SAM or ADDIE-adapted pedagogy for adult learning) including Webex, Microsoft, Google Suite, Canvas, Canva, Adobe Express, Blackboard, online apps (Padlet, PollEv, Slido, etc). I also use Adobe Suite (prefer Photoshop) for graphic design elements and iMovie for video editing. Although I do not currently use Camtasia or Articulate, I have in the past.

Intersection of Instruction and Expectation

Part of district training offered to 275 teachers in 1.5 hour sessions

3 - Map out SEL

A new team of 5-9 facilitators worked together to create and implement an advisory program on 10 different campuses. This involved some conflict resolution during team updates and reviews (such as this full day of team building and planning)

Connected Classrooms

This training offered a new lens on the importance of SEL being tied to academic success.

Balance and Opportunity - Crucial Conversations Presentation

Co-presenter for crucial conversations with TWU professors at a women's conference at Baylor

Growth Mindset Parent Presentation

Co-presenter for a parent night, helping parents examine the value of choosing the right words in helping their children expanded their belief systems and functionality.

Counselors were required to receive monthly training. This one addressed: