Connected Classrooms

Growing a campus culture and high level of student engagement and outcome starts with creating classrooms that:  

Connected Classrooms are rooted in developing systems and tools that allow teachers to balance high expectations and high levels of compassion and instructional scaffolding. Grouping and building skills focused on implementing these key ideas opens the door to building strong student learning and experience

Connected Classrooms

Instructional Coaching

Coaching starts with the people in the room. The tools, instruments, and approaches are selected based on the needs of the people and circumstances in place,

This is a sample of a survey used in 2 departments to identify areas in a department that needed support or growth -- it was part of the journey toward improved practice and the main support was through daily interactions and partnership.

Science and Sped Staff Survey

As a result of reviewing the survey results, teachers were then able to lead sustainable change that shaped collective efficacy over time