See it. Design it. Create it. Lead it. Learn from it. Revise it. Understand it. Repeat it. 

Mission-guided educational leader, project manager, and program coordinator, with 12+ years expertise in change management that develops student and staff learning

Core Competencies

Progressively promoted to provide leadership in systemic and operational areas due to an ability to: 

My Strengths: 

Deloitte: Pioneer /Driver    StrengthsFinder: Input / Achiever / Strategic      PI: Venturer




PI Behavioral

I enjoy blending my creativity, leadership experience, and systems focus to build frameworks that amplify the work of my teams and make it easier to communicate. Most processes within program management come down to personalized connection and learning – so I start by building strong teams who are curious about how to improve and grow. 

By making relationships and people a priority and the base of my decision making, I create the opportunity for a cross-functional team to get the work done and have fun at the same time.

Personally, I love to illustrate quirky, cute images, finish a Wordle a day, and read books about snarky wizards and sarcastic, bearded vampires (if you know, you know). 

It is a  balance of quirkiness, creativity, deep focus, and quick wit — which describes me most days.

In my illustration business, I marketed a personal vision of cute and quirky art that sold to tens of thousands of customers across the world on sole-proprietorship retail website with ~350K in sales.

I illustrated a children's book titled "Oogle Flip" working closely with the contracting company to deliver the discussed vision for the art, offering custom services and design.