We do not have an enrolment scheme at our school. All are welcome. Come and meet us!!

New Entrant Enrolments

It is a good idea to pre-enrol your child any time around their 4th birthday. Please pop in and meet us, we would love to be able to show you around our school and answer your questions. It is important that an enrolment form is filled out and put on file with the school.

Pre School Visits

A letter will be sent to your child about 6 weeks before they are ready to start school. This will let you know the times for the pre-school visits for your child. Each visit becomes progressively longer: parents are asked to stay at first, then the child will be given time on their own as parents may either leave or pop over to the staff room for a coffee.


On the child's first day at school after they have turned 5 years of age, parents need to provide the following information:

Proof of residency, either a birth certificate or passport

Clarification of immunization status

immunization is not compulsory, rather the school just has to keep on record whether each child has been immunized or not

Other Enrolments

If your child has been in a school before enrolling at Terrace End School you will not require the above certification. Completing our enrolment pack is sufficient.

Enrolment packs are available from the office.