Terrace End School is a friendly school in the city of Palmerston North. We enjoy a diverse range of ethnicities giving our curriculum an authentic richness.

Daily Five provides the foundation for our reading and writing. This programme builds stamina as well as a clear development of strategies to develop reading skills. As writing, reading and maths are our core curriculum areas much of the morning programme relates to these areas.

Inquiry Learning supports the contextual and conceptual learning at Terrace End School. Once a week we enjoy learning through Discovery, enabling our children to develop skills through exploration and play.

Our children participate in Te Reo and the Kapa Haka participates in Pae Tamariki.

We are a Positive Behavior for Learning school (PB4L school).

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Terrace End School

To Parents,Families and Whanau

Below is a link to the Duffy Books in Homes webpage. They are still hard at work supporting our school and community.


To Parents,Families and Whanau

The Palmerston City Council is working alongside local partners and key agencies to make it easy for you to get support.

We’ve developed a registration form so you can contact us no matter what you need – this means that you won’t struggle to find help.

We’re responsible for coordinating access to household goods and services including food, transport assistance, medication collection, and general household goods.

For food parcel provision, Council is working with The Salvation Army, which has already combined its food bank services with Methodist Social Services, Crossroads Church and Just Zilch, and moved into a food delivery-based model.

For welfare needs outside of household goods and services, such as accommodation or financial support, Council will provide information and pathways for people to access the correct support channels.

Below is the link to learn more about this.