Assistive Technology for Learning


Assistive Technology for Learning (ATL) includes the devices, media and services used by students with diverse learning needs (physical, sensory, cognitive, speech, learning or behavioral) in order to actively engage in learning and to achieve their individual learning goals. ATL supports student needs to actively engage learners in order to help meet individualized learning goals and Alberta curricular goals (Alberta Education).


ATL Services are the strategies, ideas, supports and personnel that are necessary to make the device(s) work functionally for the student within multiple environments. ATL Services include

  • Knowledge and expertise about the student
  • The assessment process
  • Evaluation of tool effectiveness
  • Training of staff, students and parents
  • Strategies for implementing the devices

Media and Devices

ATL ranges from simple tools to complex systems. It could be as simple as providing a pencil grip for writing. It can be as complex as a computer with speech to text software for reading and learning support. Available devices can be considered as on a continuum from low to mid and high technology. ATL Media and Devices can be categorized as the are of need for individual students. These categories include but are not limited to reading, writing, math, memory, vision, hearing, communication, and organization.

Read & Write for Chrome

Read&Write for Google Chrome is a Google Chrome extension that provides support tools for the web and common file types accessed through Google Drive, including Google Docs, PDF, and ePub files.

All users in Sturgeon have access to the premium version of Read & Write for Google through their Google (GAFE) account.

Read&Write for Chrome YouTube Playlist


Snapverter is an add-on for Read&Write for Google Chrome™ that transforms classroom papers and files into readable PDF documents for sharing and reading aloud via Google Drive. Pick any inaccessible file to convert - or just grab your smartphone and snap a photo of paper documents. Then share converted files with students and other teachers on any device - PCs, Macs, Chromebooks or tablets.