2C: Mr. Caughlan

March 30th:

Good morning!

I hope you had a great weekend.

Write at least 6 sentences in your journal about your weekend. You may write in the notebook OR write on here for the class to see. It is moderated so it will not be visible to the class until I approve the post: https://padlet.com/ecaughlan1/journal330 You may also reply and comment about a classmate's post, again subject to teacher approval.

Do DLR week 25 day 3. I have a special guest who will come on Zoom in the next couple of weeks who would be the best ever at doing DLR pages. Can you guess who?

Do the new math activity on Freckle.

Read religion pages 200-201. We will have a chapter 17 test using Google Forms this week.

Please print out and cut out the next word study sort from the PDF I sent your group last week. I will send your group a video this morning; look at the words and take a few minutes to see if you can figure out the pattern before watching.

If you have not finished the word study test for last week's words, please take it and send me either a picture or the number wrong.

Read chapter 4 of Magic Treehouse and answer these questions. Also read at least 30 minutes on your own book or Epic.

  1. What did the kangaroo drop when she ran away? p. 28

  2. Why would she throw her baby out of her pouch? p. 30

  3. Why did the joey jump into Jack's pack? p. 31

For Friday's Zoom meeting, I would like to give students who play piano or other music an opportunity to do so. Please email me if you'd like to be on the list. We'll try to keep it about 40 minutes, so if I get a huge response some of you might be up a different day.

Mrs. Frey has updated her art lesson on her page.


Here is a lesson from Miss Z: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jmZM3U9HZIUIiFcgpqfWXS7xTGGaROlS/view?usp=sharing

Ms. Hennessy's Sign Language http://sainttimothyschool.org/aslwithmshennessy/

Here is a message from Mrs. Frey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUYldnGM5_s&feature=youtu.be

Epic! Class code zmp4986. Online books are available without a paywall 8-4 each day; perhaps they will also be available in the evening with the current situation. Feel free to explore, and I hope to differentiate and assign books soon.

Catholic Sprouts: This is a podcast for Catholic kids, usually about 5 minutes per episode. I will be assigning specific ones to listen to.

Freckle: This is a website that has problems and quizzes that I can assign. Either use the QR code in the book pouch to log in, or type in class code caughu and type your name (first name, then last initial only for last name).

GoNoodle: I don't plan on assigning anything in here, but if you're looking for an exercise break on a rainy day, it could be fun.

Mr. Nussbaum: Many games, especially math games, designed by a Virginia teacher.

Virtual geoboard: Drag the rubber bands onto the screen and use it like a real geoboard.


March 27th:

Today the school is going to be doing Enrichment Friday. (It would have been a DFE workday if we had regular school.) So, rather than assigning new work, I will send along some enrichment activities, none of which are specifically required, and just let you catch up on stuff. Here is a link from the school, which includes our virtual assembly and many ideas for things to do with your family. http://sainttimothyschool.org/friday-enrichment/ Here is the assembly video on its own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bduP-WC6aSo&feature=youtu.be

I've also attached in this email images for some activities that Mrs. Hitchcock found for you (as long as citation of the original source; most publishing companies are relaxing some restrictions during the current school quarantines). This might also be a great day to work on the Lego Calendar I sent (which, to be clear, is optional). I'd love to see pictures of that and, once again, I'll put together a document of fun things you've been doing with your family.

Pope Francis will be giving a very special Ubi et Orbi blessing which usually only occurs Christmas and Easter, and has a plenary indulgence. You can watch live at 1pm Eastern time. https://aleteia.org/2020/03/26/why-the-popes-blessing-on-march-27-will-be-absolutely-unique/

Why not try looking around your hard or even hiking with your family and see how many flowers you can identify?


For anyone that would like to join, our class Zoom meeting, the second of many, I hope, will be at 11:40.

Join URL: https://virginia.zoom.us/j/556405885

I encourage you all to keep reading this weekend!

March 26th:

Dear 2C,

I am excited to try the Zoom meetings with the word study groups. I'm putting the links and schedule again at the bottom of this message. Please bring: Your spelling words, a few pieces of scrap paper, a pencil, and scissors.

Once you have had your Zoom review meeting, please glue your words, properly sorted, into your notebook and take a test sometime between now and Monday. As with last time, just read 20 of the words aloud. You may either send me a score (take 5 points off for each wrong word, add a point for the bonus word, -2 for letter reversals) or send me a picture of the test, whichever is easiest for you.

Please do DLR week 25 day 2.

Reach chapter 3 of Magic Tree House and answer the questions in complete sentences:

  1. What was laying on the ground sleeping? p. 21

  2. What did Annie do when the kangaroo started hopping around? p. 22

  3. What scared the kangaroo? p. 26

Read religion pages 198-199, about the readings and the definition of psalms, many of which were written by King David. Optional: Read with them this week's Psalm for Sunday Mass. Do you remember the line from Mrs. Young's class? http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/032920.cfm

Do the two new Freckle assignments for math, on fractions and measuring. Remember that inches are the larger units we used in class, and centimeters are the smaller ones from science lab. A meter stick is 100 centimeters, which is a little longer than a yard (3 feet).

Do Voyages in English page 102. Did you know that my, your, her, his, our, and their are actually adjectives? They describe who something belongs to.

God bless,

Mr. Caughlan

March 25th:

Math video reviewing yesterday's homework: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1FVhLxymJc

Happy Annunciation!! Today is the day that the Angel of the LORD declared unto Mary, and she conceived by the Holy Spirit, as we pray in the Angelus. I would encourage your families to pray the Angelus together at noon and 6:00, and to pray a Rosary together. Ask your child what day is exactly 9 months from today. Since it is a solemnity, you should have whatever you gave up for Lent. The "SaintTimothy Chantilly" Facebook page may have a live Rosary at 9 am if you want to pray with a priest.

It was so great to see many of you by videoconference yesterday! Friday we will do another class videoconference. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will have spelling groups at the following times: Tigers at 9:00, Sharks at 9:30, Rubies at 10:00, and Diamonds at 10:30. These sessions are not going to be required because I know everyone has different limitations on bandwidth and sharing of devices at home. I will send out these Zoom invites in a separate email. If you have a conflict let me know and I can move your group. Spelling tests may be done any time after that Thursday or Friday. Practice sorting your words again today.

Mrs. Salinas's weekly activities can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VO0Lv11_koGQinHiRJ4uClnTFGjIc7cMc08RxnyFipM/edit?usp=sharing

For math, please do the two adaptive Freckle activities. That means the questions get easier or harder depending on how you're doing on the quiz so it hopefully meets your level as you go. I have also sent a third Freckle assignment for today, an adaptive reading activity. I will use the data from yesterday's assignment to post a video (link at the top of the teacher page) by 10:00 going over things people were confused about yesterday.

Please read chapter 2 of Magic Tree House. Do these questions in complete sentences in your red book:

  1. What is a drought? p. 9

  2. What did it smell like to Annie and Jack? p. 9

  3. Tell me two creatures Jack and Annie saw in Australia. p.13

Read pages 196-197 in your religion book and highlight the red words. If you have not done so yet, please click the link in yesterday's email to take the chapter 16 quiz.

Practice sign language with Ms. Hennessy again and show your initials using sign language letters.

Read on your own! Read for at least 30 minutes on a book you have and/or Freckle. In your journal, please write at least 5 sentences retelling something you have read this week, and then tell why you did or did not like it.

March 24th:

Good morning families,

I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend with your families!

I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying time with your families. In light of yesterday's disappointing state announcement, and after some feedback, I am going to increase the workload to some degree. I don't want to do it too suddenly, so I'll do it over the course of the week. I really appreciate your commitment to learning this way even though it's not ideal. I miss seeing you all in person!

Read chapter 1 of Magic Tree House. Answer the comprehension questions for chapter 1 in complete sentences in your red notebook.

Chapter 1

  1. How did Jack and Annie feel when they heard Teddy's bark? p. 4

  2. Who did they need to get the last gift from? p. 6

  3. Where do kangaroos live?

http://www.risetoreading.com/2012/10/14/comprehension-questions-20-dingoes-at-dinnertime/ (This is the link to the same questions I've put here.)

Do week 25, day 1 in your DLR.

Sometime today or tomorrow, take this quiz on religion chapter 16. You may use the book to help you. This one is open book. https://forms.gle/f5BCZUmieWZp5gpK7

Do this math fact sheet: https://www.math-drills.com/subtraction/subtraction_single_focus_6_25questions_001.php

Do the new math assignment on Freckle.

If you had questions about the last freckle assignment on geometry, I made a video to explain a few of the ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyYXvlbtbks

Practice sorting your word study words. Write a sentence with 10 of them showing that you know the meaning.

Do Voyages in English pages 98-99.

Take a look at Ms. Hennessy's sign language page. Practice the alphabet along with her. http://sainttimothyschool.org/aslwithmshennessy/

This is optional, unless your parents say so, but I know many of you like Legos and have some at home. Try picking a task from this calendar for the next 30 days: https://mk0freehomescho2g81n.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Lego30daychallenge.pdf

Make sure to get out and enjoy the beautiful day!