2A: Ms. Benson

Monday March 30th

Good Morning Students and Families,

Here are the assignments for today:


1. Math Meeting

-Complete Math Meeting sheet for today. Use the hundreds charts to

help you if needed.

2. Logon to iXL and do number 6 under W. Fractions. Also do

"New! Make halves, thirds, and fourths in different ways"

-If you are noticing your child is spending hours on iXL, please stop them after 30 minutes or until they have answered 25 questions (for each skill). They will continue to receive questions until they reach 100%, so if they are getting some wrong it will take them much longer to get to 100%.

4. Practice your facts on XtraMath as many times as you want.


1. Read Chapter 7 of Boxcar Children and answer the questions in your packet for Chapter 7.


1. In your notebook, answer the prompt "What did you do this weekend?" Remember to be as detailed as possible.

Language Arts

1. Watch the BrainPop Jr. on Prefixes.

2. Complete DLR Week 23 Day 3 only.

Social Studies (for the whole week)

1. Start searching for books or online informations about the country or countries your family comes from.

- Epic! has a lot of great books on various countries.

- The ultimate goal for this project is to create a poster about your family's culture. You will work little by little on this for the next 3 weeks.

2. Read your books/information and write down in your notebook...

- What language is spoken?

- What types of food do they eat?

- Do they wear any special type of clothing?

- Where is your country located in the world?

- Draw a picture of the flag.

- What holidays do they celebrate and how?

- What sports are popular in your country?

- Find 5 interesting facts.

* This is not the country they were researching in school. This is the country that your family is from!

3. Begin assembling poster. Listen to my how-to explanation here.

-If you do not have a poster board, please do not go out and get one! Use whatever you have available (computer paper, construction paper, powerpoint, hang your information on the wall and take a picture).

*Presentations will need to be emailed by April 9th


1. Listen to The Stations of The Cross

2. During the first station, Jeasus did not say anything when he was condemned to death. Write in your notebook "Why you think Jesus did not say anything after he was condemned to death?"

3. Color your Lenten Calendar up to day 28. Today is day 29 of Lent.

Charlotte's Web

1. Listen to Chapter 20


1. See Mrs. Zs PE page for today's assignment.

- Start with your stretches.


1. Do a GoNoodle.

2.Take a virtual field trip.

3. Read a book on Epic!

4. Listen to your favorite author read a book!

5. Upload a picture of you to our google doc.

I know this time can be challenging for the children, so please reach out if you have any questions or even if your child just wants to chat!

Have a supertastic day!

Ms. Benson

Additional Resources:


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