Spiritan School in Rathmines since 1890

TY Art Project

On this chair, we chose the French artist Henri Matisse to base the design off. We chose a vibrant painting that he made to create beautiful patterns for the chair. We paid special attention to detail to ensure very high quality for consumers.

Looking for a unique chair? Our school's crafts class at St. Mary's crafted and painted this gem,

featuring Picasso's art. Hours of sanding and painting went in, making it truly special. Your raffle

entry supports the charity Oxfam. #OxfamSupport

Our fabulous chair with Andy Warhol painting on it is a one of a kind limited chair. We fourth

year students went through 8 difficult weeks planning, sanding and painting our chair. The

money is going to a charity called Oxfam.

This unique piece of practical art features the iconic work of Piet Mondrian. It has been lovingly

designed and crafted over weeks by four talented and dedicated TY students. No home should be

without one and yet sadly so many are. Don’t let that home be yours!

This chair is a sturdy comfortable piece of art; it includes a drawn picture of Roy Lichtenstein’s The

Gun in America. In class we spent hours sanding drawing and painting this chair in order to satisfy

our buyers.

The four members of our group that completed this chair are James Nolan, Seán

Thornton, Beau Redmond and Calum Moneley. The artist we drew inspiration from

was Keith Harring. We designed, then sanded and finally painted the chair to make it look like a Keith

Harring painting.


St Mary's is a Catholic school, established by the Spiritans (Holy Ghost Fathers) in 1890. We try to live and teach Gospel values in all that we do. We respect the dignity of each student, parent, staff member, employee and volunteer associated with our school.

We also recognise that, within St Mary's and in other places, there were evil acts in the past.