Our plaid skirts, skort and jumpers, embroidered red polo shirts and gym uniforms may be purchased from Schoolbelles. The code for St. Christopher School is S1384. Schoolbelles also has a store in Indianapolis at the Glendale Town Center, 2625 E. 62nd St., Indianapolis, IN  46220. Their phone number is (317) 255-5375.  They carry some stock items, but uniforms may also be ordered and delivered to the store without a shipping charge.


Keystone Shops

6315 N Keystone Ave 

Indianapolis, IN 46220


school code: S1384

Plaid items and red polos must be purchased from Schoolbelles


The following items are acceptable uniform wear.

Jumpers (Girls)

Skirts (Girls)

Skorts (Girls)







1.  May be worn to school during the winter months but must be changed upon arrival into suitable school shoes as listed above.

All 6th grade students are required to have a navy blue St. Christopher sweatshirt, navy tie and a white oxford cloth shirt for special days and Mass days.

Warmer Weather Wear:

Navy blue walking/dress shorts may be worn during August/September and May/June.  These shorts are available through the Schoolbelles Uniform Company or at Macy’s, Target,  Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, etc.         

Gym Uniform for all students

1. Red, white, gray or black St. Christopher School gym uniform shorts or sweats.

2. Red, white, gray or black St. Christopher School gym uniform t-shirt.

3. Tennis shoes

SHOES:Shoes must have full-heel and toe coverage, i.e. tennis shoes, oxfords.  NO sandals, heels, or mules of any kind.  At recess, students are encouraged to play.  In good weather, students are welcome to run/walk the inner loop around the playground.  Please consider this when deciding on your child’s shoe wear for the day.

EXTRA UNIFORMS:  Lost/donated uniforms are available for free through the Parent Teacher Partnership.

Out of Uniform for your Birthday:  To celebrate your special day, students may be out of uniform.  However, if their birthday lands on a Mass day (Monday or Thursday) they can either reschedule the out-of-uniform day for the day after or they can bring clothes to change into after Mass.