St. Christopher School was founded in 1949 as the parish school for the Catholic Community of St. Christopher Parish in Speedway, Indiana. The parish was founded in 1937. St. Christopher School operates under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools. St. Christopher School offers a strong academic curriculum that focuses on the basics of language Arts, mathematics and a strong foundation in the Catholic Faith.

Because of its small enrollment, teachers are able to provide a great amount of individual attention that students need and deserve. Student attendance records are very good with an average of 97%.

In addition to the basic curriculum, students at St. Christopher are offered a wide variety of educational experiences for enrichment and remediation. Instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library/Technology/STEM are offered. Special education services are coordinated through the Speedway district school. Although not a Special Education teacher, we do employ a Resource Teacher who works closely with the classroom teachers to provide services to many of our students. In addition, we have several Title I tutors who work individually or in small groups with students, a Title III teacher who works with our English Language Learners and a speech pathologist who works with our students who qualify for speech services one day a week in our school building. Former students report a feeling of preparedness for both Language Arts and Math as they enter the Jr. High School of their choice. Teachers in the Jr. High report St. Christopher students as well prepared in Language Arts and Math. A high percentage of our former students achieve Honor Roll status during their Junior High years.

We continually work on our Technology Plan. We are currently 1:1 for every students in 2nd through 6th grade with Chromebooks. (1:1 = Each student has their own device to use in the classroom.) In addition, we have Chromebooks and iPads that are used by our students in PreK, K and 1st grade. Every classroom is equipped with an electronic flat panel for use as an interactive white board and large display of interactive teaching applications. Every classroom also has a document camera that projects to the flat panel.

The Parent Teacher Partnership Group is extremely supportive of St. Christopher School. This strong connection is one of our most valuable assets. Our students, teachers, parents and parish believe in and support the mission of the school. We work as a team to guide our students toward life as faith-filled and productive citizens.