St. Christopher School, along with The Archdiocese of Indianapolis is committed to supporting school environments that support and promote the health, well-being and ability of students to learn by providing access to healthy foods, nutrition education and participation in physical activity. Guidelines to achieve these goals are as follows:

  • All students will have opportunities to be physically active on a regular basis.

  • Health education is to be offered at all grade levels to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and protect their health.

  • Each school will support parental efforts to provide a healthy diet and daily physical activity for their children by communicating with the home, and sharing the growing knowledge regarding health and nutrition.

  • School lunches will serve as a focus to support the integration of nutrition education with healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Schools are encouraged to provide students with 20 minutes after sitting down for lunch to eat.

  • Schools will refrain from scheduling tutoring, club or organizational meetings or activities during meal times, unless students may eat school lunch during such activities.

  • Parents and students will be encouraged to include fresh fruits and other healthy items, rather than packaged chips, etc.

  • Soft drinks may not be brought to school.

  • Elementary students are not to have access to vending machines at any time during the school day or during After Care.

  • “Fast food” meals may not be consumed in the cafeteria during lunch periods.

  • Food or beverages, including food served through the school meals, will never be withheld from students as disciplinary measure.

  • Schools will limit celebrations that involve food during the school days to no more than one party per class per month, encouraging healthy food choices and other means of celebrating.

  • Classroom teachers will make adaptations, which will allow students to experience a healthy physical environment by examining the school day for opportunities for increased physical movement.

  • A student may be assigned an alternate physical activity during physical education class for disciplinary reasons.

  • No child may miss more than half the recess period.