Welcome to Saint Christopher School!

St.Christopher School was founded in 1949 as the parish school for the Catholic community of St. Christopher in Speedway, Indiana. St. Christopher School operates with its own local governing board and also under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the Diocesan Office of Catholic Education.

St.Christopher School is located at 5335 W. 16th Street in Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana. The parish community draws from a much larger area, including Wayne Township and the communities of Avon, Plainfield, and Brownsburg.

Adjacent to the school facility is Leonard Park. There is a long-standing relationship among the parish, the school, and the Speedway Parks Department. Students of St. Christopher School enjoy recess in the park on a daily basis. The school also uses the park for physical education classes. This gives us the facilities for football, outdoor basketball, tennis, softball, and soccer, which we would not otherwise have. We also use the Speedway parks in our after school recreational sports programs.

The Town of Speedway organizations partner with St. Christopher School in a myriad of ways. The Kiwanis Club, the local Lions Club, the American Legion, and the Chamber of Commerce often support students through programs, gifts to the school as a whole, or incentives for individual students. The Speedway Town Press is generous in the coverage of school events.

The mission of St. Christopher School is to strive to provide an education permeated with Catholic Christian values, which promote spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, and social growth for our students. St. Christopher School seeks to be an extension of homes that challenge students to achieve their potential and build an awareness of their great worth as children of God, capable of making significant contributions to others at home and throughout the world. To this end, faculty and staff work to ensure that each child is recognized, affirmed, and challenged, not only in their areas of strength, but also in their areas of weakness.

St.Christopher School enjoys a stable student population. The majority of our graduating sixth graders entered at the kindergarten level. Fourteen teachers represent a total of 251 years teaching experience, 201 of which have been at St. Christopher School.

Parents, students, and teachers work together with high expectations for student achievement. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic have been accompanied by Religion, Respect, and Rules to create an environment that nourishes each individual, while preparing him/her to face the world to the fullest of his/her God-given potential.