Stewartville School Readiness (Preschool)

As part of Stewartville Public Schools, we value the importance of your child's education and it's our purpose to prepare your child with the necessary skills to be successful to start kindergarten. It's our vision to foster the love of LEARNING in our students, to INSPIRE our young students to be kind to one another and to let our students DISCOVER play through developmentally appropriate activities, quality curriculum, and a caring, excellent staff.

We provide a comprehensive program that covers all areas of state early childhood indicators and work closely with kindergarten teachers to curriculum plan and assess. This program aims to provide a smooth transition for each child into kindergarten. Our program consists of imaginative play, social emotional skill building, STEM, fine & large motor skill building, pre-reading & math skills, sensory, creative art, and music & movement.

In our continuing effort to make our school district a comprehensive Prek-12 district, Stewartville Public Schools preschool has become a 4-star Parent Aware program. Minnesota's Parent Aware Star Rating program rates programs from 1-4 (4 being highest) based on program curriculum use, assessment use, professional development and training, and best practices. Our MN licensed teachers incorporate the state approved Starfall Curriculum and Assessment along with S.M.A.R.T. (Stimulating Maturity Accelerated Readiness Training). Preschool staff work closely with the kindergarten staff and elementary administration to make sure that your child is gaining the necessary skills during their preschool experience that will allow them to be successful as they move further into our Stewartville education system.