SpitfireZ Sauces

BBQ Sauces

SpitfireZ BBQ Sauce

Our traditional tomato based dark sauce. What you would think of as barbeque sauce, sweet front end with a little zip on the backend to warm up the pallete. 

Honey BBQ Sauce

The same start as our traditional SpitfireZ BBQ sauce, just finished with sweet clover honey to take that zip out.

Gold Sauce

A yellow mustard based sauce with a sweet smokey tangy finish. Basically a little spicer honey mustard sauce.

Sriracha Gold Sauce

Lets take that gold sauce and step it up a notch, the sweet tanginess of the gold sauce offset with the heat of chinese ketchup.

Buffalo Sauce

SpitfireZ version of the tradional wing sauce. We take hot sauce and simmer with spices and garlic, finished with cold butter to smooth out the sauce.

Ham BBQ Sauce

SpitfireZ takes it's turn on this Pittsburgh classic. Sweetend with coca-cola and sweet relish this ketchup based sauce is like no other on our smoked ham.

Signature Sauces

Creamy Horsey Sauce

Smooth sour cream, spicy ground horseradish, a touch of cayenne and dry mustard are whipped with some cream cheese to put a special touch on this traditional beef sauce.

Balsamic Mayo

SpitfireZ house made Balsamic Italian Dressing is blended with creamy mayonnaise and a touch of sugar to help sweeten this sauce that is perfect topping for any sandwich.  

Lemon Basil Mayo

Fresh aromatic basil diced fine and blended with fresh lemon zest, a touch of white pepper & sugar, and creamy mayonnaise. This sauce is adds just the right amount of flavor to poultry and fish sandwiches.   

Tzatziki Sauce (cucumber)

This traditional greek sauce with fresh garlic & dill blended with greek yogurt, lemon juice, and a touch of some mayonnaise to help hold it together on one of our charcoal roasted fresh lamb gyros.  

Sweet Fruit Dip

Take any fruit up a notch with our sweet fruit dip. Fresh whipped cream, mallow, cream cheese and jellies are blended to make a one of a kind fun dip to pair with some of our fresh fruit kabobs. 

Cocktail Sauce

SpitfireZ and golden hand breaded jumbo shrimp needs the perfect cocktail sauce to pair with. We take fresh ground horseradish Heinz ketchup, fresh lemon juice, worcestershire sauce and the perfect special spice blend to step up this traditional seafood sauce.

Bayou Blaster Sauce

One of SpitfireZ newest sauces in the arsonal. Our Bayou Blaster Sauce was designed to go on our hand breaded shrimp Po' Boy tacos for our annual Lenten fish fry, but now has become a staff and kitchen favorite to put on ANYTHING from fried chicken, fried fish, and buffalo wings. This tart & spicy mayonnaise based sauce has blend of cajun spices and fresh lemon zest to knock your tastes buds out of your mouth! 

Tartar Sauce

The perfect compliment to our hand breaded fried fish. Creamy mayo, lemon juice, capers, and the perfect blend of spices. 



#1 FAVORITE! SpitfireZ homemade ranch is the perfect bland of spices and rich creamy buttermilk. After many hours of labor in the SpitfireZ laboratory we think we have made the perfect ranch. You decide, 1000's of customers already have. 

Blue Cheese

Balsamic Italian

Honey Mustard

Honey Cobb