HIS provides hope and a future to students and families in the developing world by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, providing excellent education, and breaking the cycle of poverty and oppression.

School of Promise

In 2010, we established the School of Promise, a Christian elementary school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The school now extends through grade 12. Half of our students are at risk of child trafficking and abuse. Through providing free tuition and giving the opportunity to study above and beyond government standards, we provide the hope and future God has designed for them.

Promise Publications

We are producing a Bible-Integrated textbook series in the Thai language, covering Social Studies, Thai Language Arts, and English. Science is up next! These books will be available for use throughout the country. We are also publishing Bible-themed children‘s stories in the Thai language, which are available online and in bookstores.

Seed Christian School

We are preparing to open a new school in Tak province of Thailand, where no Christian schools are available.

How are we funded?

Through the generosity of people like you! While the School of Promise is approaching self-supporting, it is still dependent on donations to meet its operational costs and building projects, like the new Middle School/High School. Promise Publications functions on on-going support, and Seed Christian School needs financial support until it becomes operational and grows to be self-supporting.

COVID-19 Impact

Thailand experienced a lock-down period like the rest of the world. The Thai government called for early school closures, so we had to close the School of Promise one week early. School openings this year were delayed from the start of May to the first of July. This resulted in the school having to pay salaries and other expenses from May to July without regular tuition income. Despite the limitations at that time, we continued to minister to the community by providing food and essentials to needy families.