HIS Model

The model for HIS schools is grounded on the concept of sustainable development.

Each school will be planted and administered with funds raised through donations, until reaching self-sustainability. HIS model allows for a roughly equal proportion of tuition-paying to scholarship students in each school. Full scholarships are provided to children who qualify based on orphan status or family incomes that indicate a vulnerability to poverty and oppression.



Oversight for schools remains with Hope International Schools. HIS Mission Board, in the United States, maintains ultimate authority with respect to HIS schools. A school board is formed for each school within that school’s local community, and a superintendent is hired to oversee each school. The superintendent reports to the local school board, and both the school board and the superintendent report to the HIS executive team, who report to the HIS Mission Board.

This structure is intended to combat the common temptation for Christian mission schools to drift over time from the original mission to serve secular purposes and neglect the vulnerable, for whom the school was formed. HIS model is designed to maintain each school's focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and on the original vision given by the Lord.

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